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Accidents on Tampa Roads

When it comes to information on traffic accident trends and safety measures, a car accident lawyer in Tampa is one of most knowledgeable sources. An attorney located near Tampa, Clearwater, Dunedin, Hillsborough-Pasco, Lakeland, and beyond, considers it a duty to stay informed on all recent traffic accidents, learning how the accidents were caused and how they may have been prevented.

Car Accidents Happening in Tampa, Florida

In the last week alone, many Floridians have had a need to call a car accident lawyer in Tampa. There have been multiple rear-end car accidents, hit-and-run accidents, and multi-car wrecks on I-4. There was even a collision involving a bicyclist. The regularity with which car accidents occur in Tampa and other cities in Florida calls for increased awareness of accident patterns, as well as focused attention placed on the actions that commonly lead to such collisions.

Distracted Driving Habits Addressed in Tampa

As a positive note, this need for focused attention on hazardous driving behavior was addressed at a recent Distracted Driving Summit, which was hosted in part by the Florida Department of Transportation. The Summit brought together law enforcement agents and the families of distracted driving victims, as well as car accident lawyers in Tampa and surrounding areas.

Many speakers turned out for the Distracted Driving Summit, some sharing personal stories of accidents involving the use of cell phones, and others explaining the extensive research on this recent traffic accident epidemic. Speakers also shared information on the injuries most often caused in distracted driving accidents, as well as local and state ordinances designed to reduce accident rates.

Car Accident Lawyer in Tampa

Even if you haven’t been involved in an auto wreck recently it still benefits you and your loved ones to learn a bit more on the subject. The website of a car accident lawyer in Tampa is a good place to do some reading on the causes of accidents and how to prevent them from happening to you.

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