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Drunk Driver Leaves Clearwater Resident Critically Injured

By Roman & Roman |

A serious car crash occurred on the Courtney Campbell Causeway resulting in a 52-year-old Clearwater resident suffering life-threatening injuries. Reports indicate that a motorist was driving under the influence in the westbound lanes on the Causeway when they crashed into the back of a van driven by the 52-year-old victim. This caused the van… Read More »


Pedestrian Hit and Seriously injured in Clearwater

By Roman & Roman |

A 61-year-old Clearwater resident was attempting to cross the street at the intersection of Missouri Avenue and Turner Street when he was hit by a motorist. The pedestrian had to be transported to Bayfront Health St. Petersburg due to life-threatening injuries, according to Unfortunately, accidents like the one described above are quite common… Read More »


Hurricane-Related Nursing Home Deaths Serve as Tragic Reminder of Continuing Neglect in Florida Nursing Homes

By Roman & Roman |

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, reporting by the Washington Post is now uncovering the tragic circumstances that led to nine deaths in a south Florida nursing home. According to those reports, the power went out that Sunday, during the storm, yet the first 911 call was not until sometime in the early morning… Read More »


Can I Refuse to Testify in My Personal Injury Case?

By Roman & Roman |

Lovers of courtroom dramas should be intimately familiar with the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution as nearly every individual on television who is charged with committing a crime invokes this provision to avoid having to testify. The Fifth Amendment is indeed a powerful protection for those accused of committing a crime. By… Read More »


What Makes for an Unlawful Interrogation?

By Roman & Roman |

The interrogation scene is often the climax of any good police drama or movie. Usually set in a dimly lit room that is sparsely furnished with a table and a few chairs, two cops (invariably one of them is the “good cop” trying to help the cuffed suspect and the other is the “bad… Read More »


Injured in a Unique Manner? There’s a Lawsuit for That!

By Roman & Roman |

Readers and regular visitors of legal blogs are likely familiar with the “common” types of personal injury lawsuits available to injury victims in Florida. A car crash can lead to a car crash lawsuit if the injuries and losses are sufficiently significant. If a medical practitioner causes you to suffer an injury because of… Read More »


Duties Colleges May Owe Students

By Roman & Roman |

As students soon head off (or return) to college for studies, worried parents across the nation will do what they can to help ensure their children are safe while at school. Preventative measures and planning can go a long way in helping protect college students from injury and victimization, but these measures cannot prevent… Read More »


Contributory Negligence in Traffic-Related Wrongful Death Suits

By Roman & Roman |

In the ongoing saga of tennis-superstar Venus Williams’ legal battle with the family of a man whom Ms. Williams is alleged to have killed in a traffic collision, Ms. Williams is alleging that the decedent was not wearing his seatbelt at the time of the fatal collision. In a way, then, Ms. Williams is… Read More »


Responsible Social Media Use with Criminal Charges Pending

By Roman & Roman |

Use of social media has reached epidemic proportions. It seems as if everyone has one or more social media profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and they are not afraid to use these platforms and profiles to report to the world on every new development and experience in their lives. Take one… Read More »


Who Pays the Costs of Uninsured Patients in Florida?

By Roman & Roman |

Thanks to a 1985 federal law, whenever an uninsured or underinsured patient shows up at a hospital in need of certain medical care, the hospital is obligated to provide lifesaving and essential medical treatment to that patient regardless of that patient’s ability to pay for those services. However, as the old adage goes, “There… Read More »

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