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The Risks and Rewards of “Explaining Your Side of the Story”

By Roman & Roman |

It is a scene common to cop dramas and real life alike: a suspect, placed under arrest and taken to the local police station, is placed in a room with a hardened detective. The detective announces to the suspect that the police have information that implicates the suspect in criminal activity: a witness or… Read More »


Most Common Hazards on Florida Properties

By Roman & Roman |

Three Common Hazards That Result in Florida Premises Liability Lawsuits  Because of its location, climate, and culture, there are several hazards and dangers found on Florida properties that, which also found on properties in other states, appear with greater regularity in Florida premises liability accident. These hazards and dangers include: Swimming pools: Swimming pools… Read More »


Is Possession or Use of Fireworks in Florida Per Se Negligent?

By Roman & Roman |

The Fourth of July holiday has passed, and across the nation individuals likely either traveled to attend fireworks displays or staged a fireworks show of their own on their own property. The latter group does not include residents of Florida, though, where private possession and use of most consumer fireworks are banned. Nonetheless, there… Read More »


Succeeding in Your Florida Distracted Driving Lawsuit

By Roman & Roman |

By now, many Florida residents have heard or seen reports, announcements, and advertisements advising drivers of the dangers of texting while driving or driving while distracted. Despite the dangers of distracted driving being well-known, a shocking number of drivers in Florida and throughout the United States still choose to engage in such behaviors. While… Read More »


Assigning Blame in a Florida Car Wreck

By Roman & Roman |

It would be nice if car crashes and other personal injury accidents always had clear and singular causes. Oftentimes a Florida car wreck is the result of two or more factors and/or the actions of two or more individuals. It becomes incumbent, then, upon the trier of fact – either a judge or a… Read More »


Can an Accidental Death Result in Wrongful Death Liability?

By Roman & Roman |

The basic legal premises behind a wrongful death lawsuit in Florida are simple: those that cause the death of another person through careless or negligent (or worse) conduct can be held responsible for the losses and expenses experienced by the decedent before his or her death (such as the decedent’s final hospital bills) as… Read More »


Eleven-Year-Old Can Testify in Florida Personal Injury Lawsuit as a Material Witness

By Roman & Roman |

In nearly every personal injury case, the injured plaintiff who is seeking damages from an allegedly at-fault defendant (tortfeasor) will need to prove his or her case (in part or in whole) through the testimony of one or more witnesses. Some personal injury cases will have a multitude of witnesses, while others may only… Read More »


Dangers of Handling Your Criminal Case Yourself

By Roman & Roman |

Some Florida defendants will choose to represent themselves in hopes of saving money or under the mistaken belief that the criminal justice system will work to actively safeguard their rights throughout their criminal case. This can be a disastrous decision. It is always the right decision, when facing criminal charges, to seek the assistance… Read More »


When Wildlife is the Cause of Your Accident, Who Pays?

By Roman & Roman |

Although Florida is one of the more populated states in America (boasting a population of approximately 20.27 million people in 2015), this does not mean parts of Florida are not “wild.” Depending on the road you travel and the hour at which you are on the road, it is not uncommon to find deer,… Read More »


Motorcycle Injuries Can Be Unique … and Horrific

By Roman & Roman |

One of the main advantages that passenger cars offer over motorcycles is the amount of protection afforded to occupants of the car as opposed to the operator of the motorcycle. In the case of car occupants, in the event of a crash the driver and passengers of the car are surrounded by the frame… Read More »

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