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Clearwater Business Law & Real Estate Attorney

Business & Real Estate Attorneys in Clearwater

tampa-business-lawyerIf you have to negotiate a contract or go into closing every few years, you may well dread the legal haggling involved in the process. Going into a transaction, every party – whether a broker, lender, or other attorney – has his or her own interests at heart. But who is there solely for you? In the tension-filled atmosphere of a closing, chances are the only person in the room solely on your side is your Clearwater business & real estate attorney. When we represent you, we carefully examine each point and how it can be turned to your advantage. We approach every transaction the same way – we’re on your team and we want to win. If that means we play hardball, that’s what we do.

  • Residential closings and title insurance
  • Business contracts and business sale/purchase closings
  • Commercial and residential leases

Business & Real Estate Litigation Attorneys in Clearwater

Roman & Roman’s business and real estate attorneys in Clearwater handle cases involving all phases of business and real estate litigation.

We bring dedication and expertise to all aspects of:

  • Foreclosures
  • Evictions
  • Contract disputes and enforcement of contracts
  • Construction litigation
  • Landlord/tenant disputes

Our Clearwater business and real estate attorneys bring more than decades of experience to the courtroom on your behalf. We bring a winning attitude. We take great pride in our preparation, planning and skill…but we also take personal interest in winning for clients with whom we have developed close relationships. When you have a Clearwater business and real estate attorney on your case, you have a partner who will fight as though it were our own business at stake. We also handle criminal law and personal injury cases. You deserve nothing less than that by your side.

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