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Seatbelts Can Save Your Life!

A young man died on Saturday night after being thrown from a truck when the driver lost control and the truck flipped over. Had this young man been wearing his seatbelt, maybe he would be alive today. Even though we all know that seatbelts may help prevent serious injury or death, everyday people get into cars and do not wear their seatbelt. Some people do not wear their seatbelt because they believe that they are excellent drivers and will be able to avoid an accident. Other people may not wear their seatbelt because they don’t want to wrinkle their clothes or feel that the seatbelt is uncomfortable.

If you are injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence and you were not wearing your seatbelt, you may have difficulty recovering money damages for your injuries. For example, you may not be able to recover money for your pain and suffering, unpaid medical bills, future medical bills and future pain and suffering if by wearing your seatbelt you would not have been injured or you would not have been as severely injured. So the consequences of not wearing your seatbelt can be severe. Not only may be severely injured or killed, but if you are injured, you may not be able to recover money damages from the negligent party to compensate you for your injuries and medical bills even though the accident may not have been your fault.

So, wear your seatbelt! It can save your life!

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