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Probation is a test period in which the justice system allows an individual to regain some of their freedom, while keeping tabs on them with use of a probation officer and scheduled court hearings with a judge. According to the National Institute of Corrections, 158 probation offices supervised over 170,000 individuals on probation in 2015. Probation has multiple purposes. It not only makes room for more inmates and reduces prison crowding, to a degree, but it is much less expensive for the government to keep an eye on someone living in society than to incarcerate them in prison or jail.

Probation is an alternative to incarceration, and there is a great deal of trust that the state puts on the individual. As such, when that trust is broken probation violations are treated with a great deal of urgency and concern. The penalties for breaking a term of your probation, even if deemed insignificant by you, may result in an immediate warrant for your arrest by a judge, according to Florida statutes 948.06. You may end up incarcerated for an extended period of time if you do not take the immediate advice of an experienced Tampa probation violation attorney. Contact Roman & Roman in Tampa today for a free consultation.

Ways in Which Probation Can be Violated in Florida

There are many rules and regulations that an individual must abide by during their time in probation. These rules often govern who and where the person is allowed to visit, and by making contact with certain individuals, the probation may be violated. Other probation violations include:

  • Missing court dates;
  • Missing meetings with a probation officer;
  • Using drugs;
  • Failure to pay fines; and
  • Committing additional offenses.

However, the state must be able to show that the violation was willful and of considerable importance. For example, if you missed a meeting with your probation officer due to being involved in a car wreck, you did not intend for the violation to occur.

The worse your report with your probation officer, the more likely they will react negatively (against your favor) when you either willfully or accidentally miss a meeting or violate other terms of your probation. The more often you have violated your probation in the past, the more likely they will decide to enact a probation violation hearing. During that hearing in front of a judge, it is crucial to have legal counsel at your side. The judge will determine whether the violation was intentional and will also consider the consequences at stake because of that specific violation. The penalties for violating probation are usually quite high. You may face heavy fines, an even longer period of time in which you have to abide by your probation constraints, or you may even be sent to jail.

If you have been called to a probation violation hearing or believe that you will be in the near future, or if you currently have any other probation issues, contact the Tampa law offices of Roman & Roman today at 877-767-1032. to speak with a Tampa Probation Violation Defense Attorney.

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