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What Information Should I Gather from the Other Drivers Involved in a Car Wreck?


Following a Florida car wreck, you may have heard that you ought to speak with the other driver or drivers involved and obtain some basic information. What information should you obtain, however, and how vital is it to your case? Is there any information that you should avoid exchanging? As it turns out, not only can the information you gather from the other drivers involved in your crash be important to your ability to fully recover from your accident, but the information you provide can also impact whether you face any legal repercussions from the accident.

Isn’t Florida a “No Fault” State?

While it is true that Florida is considered a “no fault” state and the insurance company of each individual involved in a wreck will generally pay for the injuries and losses of their own insured, this does not mean that a determination of fault is not important. Florida’s “no fault” scheme applies only insofar as no individual involved suffers more than $10,000 in medical bills and/or no individual suffers a “permanent injury.” If the medical bills of an individual involved in a crash do exceed the $10,000 threshold, or if an individual suffers a “permanent injury” such as permanent scarring or the loss of a significant bodily function, then that individual may bring suit against the driver or other individual he or she believes caused the accident.

Information to Gather and What Not to Say

Because one can never truly know the extent of one’s injuries at the scene of a car crash, it is usually advisable to treat a Florida car crash as one that will not be covered under the no-fault insurance laws. As a result, you may need to bring suit against an at-fault driver and should therefore obtain that person’s:

  • Name;
  • Insurance carrier (and policy number, if possible);
  • Contact information – the person’s address will be important information to have in the event you need to serve him or her to initiate a lawsuit.

While you may choose to provide this same information to a driver who asks you, you should avoid discussing who may be at fault in causing the accident, apologizing for the driver’s (or anyone else’s) injuries, or reaching any sort of settlement or agreement concerning who ought to pay for any property damage or injuries.

Can Roman & Roman Help Me?

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