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Airbag Recalls and Manufacturer Liability

When we purchase certain items, like automatic kitchen appliances, we purchase them trusting that they will do their jobs without harming us.  When we purchase significant items, like vehicles, we purchase them not only trusting that they were manufactured to do their job without harming us, but also trusting that the safety features included in them to keep us safe will actually do so.  This isn’t always the case, however.  When you receive a product that malfunctions, and that malfunction results in your injury, an attorney can help you file a product liability claim against the manufacturer, designer, and/or the marketer of your malfunctioning product.

Product Liability

When your safety is compromised, although you’ve followed the rules and are operating your product correctly, you could potentially sue one or more of the parties involved in the manufacture, design, or marketing of the product in question.

Before goods are distributed to the public, they go through a number of stages, including design, manufacturing, and marketing; these basic steps all correlate with different areas of liability for the malfunction of the product that injured you.  Depending on the facts surrounding your incident and product in question, liability can be allotted to the designer, manufacturer, and/or marketer of your product.

Design Defect

When a product has a design defect, the defect is considered “intended.”  This doesn’t mean that the injury to the customer was intended, but that the part of the product that caused the injury was meant to be the way it was when it caused the injury.  An example would be a table with three legs instead of four; it could be considered defectively designed because of its increased propensity to fall.

Manufacturing Defect

A manufacturing defect refers to an issue with the way the product was put together; these are usually not intended defects.  The product was designed a certain way, but the manufacturer made a mistake in putting it together and that caused the injury.  Using the same example, if one of the legs of the table was not attached properly, the injury resulting from a collapse of the table would be a result of the defective manufacturing of the product.

Marketing Defect

A marketing defect reflects the way the product is sold to the public.  When a product is marketed to do something it cannot do without limitations or if the product is marketed without adequate warnings and instructions, the defect is attributed to the way the product was marketed.

Determining who could be at fault for your faulty product and then fighting large companies for your recovery are both very complex and difficult processes.  If you have been hurt by a product that you (or possibly even someone else) has purchased and used, the manufacturer, designer, or marketer (or even more than one of them) could be responsible for your injuries.  Call Roman & Roman in Clearwater for the help you need to fight for the compensation required to make you whole.



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