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Firearm Safety 101

There are three groups of people involved in the debate over gun control and gun issues, pro-gun owners, anti-gun non-owners, and those who don’t own but don’t hate guns.

While we do not take the position of advocating gun ownership or gun control, we believe owning or carrying a gun is a personal decision for the individual. However, whether you are a gun owner or not, gun safety is a personal responsibility for everyone. We want to remind everyone of the four basic firearm safety rules.

(1) assume every firearm is always loaded

(2) never point a firearm at anything you do not intend to shoot

(3) keep your finger off the trigger until you have made a conscious decision to shoot

(4) know your target and everything that is beyond it.

We would also like to add a fifth safety rule which, simply stated is, to store and keep all firearms safely secured, especially with children in the residence. Digital rifle and pistol safes are readily available in retail stores and online. In today’s modern age, you can be both prepared and safe with your firearm storage.


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