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When you need aggressive, effective legal representation, contact the Tampa personal injury attorneys of Roman & Roman. Our experienced Tampa criminal defense attorneys have the legal knowledge and know how necessary to ensure you get the results you need. With over 30 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys work diligently to ensure each and every client gets the legal help they need to secure the best possible outcome, while providing the kind of compassionate, caring client service our clients deserve.

Many criminal prosecutors believe that if an individual is charged with a crime, chances are that they are guilty of committing that crime. While our criminal justice system is founded on the principle that you are innocent until proven guilty, the true scope of this right is not always taken in and leading up to your day in court. The prosecution may attempt to deny your right to the lawyer of your choosing by freezing your assets in some types of criminal cases. Police are often racially prejudiced against members of society that are not white, as evidenced in the number of stop and frisks of white people versus non-white. And, the dire state of the “war on drugs” has imprisoned millions of individuals partaking in recreational drugs along with convicted rapists and murderers. Mandatory minimums treat those with addiction problems and individuals that have fallen on incredibly hard times and taken to dealing drugs on the same level as those that have committed violent crimes.

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, the U.S. prison population rose by 408 percent from 1978 to 2014, representing an unprecedented rise among all of the nations among the world. In fact, the U.S. incarcerates more people than any other country, and its jails and prisons account for 20 percent of the world’s imprisoned individuals, despite the U.S. only making up five percent of the total world population. There is a serious problem in our country with too harsh of penalties, wrongful convictions, and a war on drugs that goes after minority communities due to systematic institutionalized discrimination. Contact our experienced Tampa criminal defense attorneys for more information and assistance.

Immediate Legal Assistance Can Help Reduce Your Chances of Incarceration

Very often, our legal system is anything but fair and just. In fact, without aggressive, immediate legal action on the part of an experienced defense team, your chances of being swept under the rug increase with every passing day after your arrest. Our Tampa Criminal Defense Attorneys at Roman & Roman represent those that have been charged with false allegations, individuals that should not have to serve the maximum penalties for their misdoings, and repeat offenders that deserve another chance. We fight for the charges brought upon our clients to be dropped or heavily reduced. We gather evidence, hire expert witnesses, and find faults in the prosecution’s case where few would take the time to look. Our criminal defense team realizes that your entire future is in jeopardy because of these allegations, and will build the strongest possible case in your defense so that you can go back to the life you once lived before all of this began.

The Proceedings of a Plea Bargain and What You Stand to Gain

Plea bargains are often used in place of trials and can help drastically reduce a jail or prison sentence. If mandatory minimums are involved, we may be able to get you the very minimum punishment that the law has to offer. Or, if a mandatory minimum is not relevant, we may be able to negotiate a period of probation and a fine in place of jail time. Plea bargains are used much more frequently because the prosecution, even with a strong case against you, would rather make a deal than take their chances in court or continue dragging the case out over months. While we leave the decision up to you, more than 90 percent of defendants plead guilty and take a deal than go into trial, according to government statistics.

An innocent victim caught in the vast web of the criminal justice system would obviously never be happy to proceed with a plea bargain because any amount of punishment would simply be too much. However, in some circumstances, when the prosecution’s case against you is too strong, there may be virtually no other rational choice. Our Tampa criminal defense attorneys are more than competent in negotiating a deal or taking your case all the way to trial and winning. Whatever the circumstances of the charges brought against you, we will never stop aggressively pursuing your innocence and/or the smallest punishment possible.

Flaws of the Criminal Justice System Ensnare Thousands of Innocent People

Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is greatly flawed. Indeed, 4.1 percent of those sentenced to death are later found to be innocent of their alleged crime, according to recent research. However, for these people, their day of exoneration came all too late. Does this percentage carry over to other types of sentences? Are there tens of thousands of innocent people locked up behind bars for misdemeanors, second degree felonies, and first degree felonies as well? Currently, we do not know just how many innocent people are wrongfully incarcerated. Often, defendants without experienced criminal defense attorneys are the ones that have the highest chances of being incarcerated for something that they did not do. Do not leave your future in the hands of anyone but the best. A state-provided defense attorney or a law office without the experience, resources, and drive of Roman & Roman may see you wrongfully incarcerated or serving a sentence that is far too great for the alleged crime for which you were punished.

Contact Our Tampa Criminal Defense Attorneys, We Have Experience in Every Type of Criminal Allegation

Even seemingly straightforward drug possession charges need to be dealt by an experienced legal team that looks at every detail. There may have been an arrest made without the proper reading of the Miranda warning, evidence brought against you could have been gathered illegally, or there may be some other flaw in the prosecution’s case that another attorney would not take the time to look for. There must be a great amount of burden of proof for there to be a conviction. Contact us at Roman & Roman today for professional assistance that you deserve from a Tampa criminal defense attorney.

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